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Michel Willaume возвращается в Тарту

The goal of the course is to give students knowledge about "Why & How" for each preparation made during the class by explaining meaning of each ingredients, its role and applying technics which will make them able to reproduce or adjust annual recipes to get the best result.

My concept of teaching - Think Pastry - it's not about quantity of recipes, but about quality and clear understanding of pastry logic. So, the principal idea is to go from all basic technology of each cake elements, its evolution, cake architecture, decoration philosophy and of course combination of taste and textures.

Michel Willaume – World Champion of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie – demonstration workshop is going to take place in Tartu, Estonia.

Think Pastry Program

5, 6, 7 of September 2017 

10:00 – 18:00

Seminar Hall of Balt-Hellin (Ravila 51a, Tartu, Estonia)

Price (for three days per person): 450 EUR 

Support: "Balt-Hellin" AS


Please apply through special form in our website:  

+371 29207510 Aleksandra

Number of places is limited

Workshop is going to be held in English with translation to Estonian.

Famous modern pastry-chef, born in France, educated in best pastry schools, worked in famous French pastry-shops, Spanish and American hotels, World pastry champion 2001 in Lyon, now he is a citizen of the world and creator of his own consulting Brand Think Pastry. The main rule of teaching for Michel Willaume is to give maximum information to students, explaining “why and how” and making students to think and to understand. He is always opened to any students’ questions and glad to share his unique experience with them.

Traveling all over the world to bring new knowledge and modern tendencies of pastry, he shares his passion with all the people who want study more about pastry. More than 35 years’ experience in pastry let him adopt easy his style of work and recipes for any countries where he works.

No more secrets, just Think Pastry!


A delicious combination of Rosaceae family sublimed with a 2000 years old luscious red fruit

Based on pâte à choux baked with crunch, raspberry jam, raspberry namilaka, litchi whipped cream and hard rose litchi jelly.

Decoration: white chocolate Daisy, red and pink curved circles, fresh raspberries.


Green apple & yuzu contrasted with Japanese vanilla pearls

Based on vanilla short dough and filled with coconut Japanese pearls, green apple comfit and yuzu curd.

Decoration: green apple frozen foam, yellow/green curved ring, gold flakes


A different version of classic Saint Honoré with a fruity twist

Classic sugar dough & pâte à choux with crunch, filled with mango pastry custard, soft mango jelly and vanilla whipped white chocolate ganache.

Decoration: Chocolate vanilla bean, yellow circles, silver flakes, fresh mango

GOOD GIRL By Carolina Herrera

Good Girl promises an innovative & addictive combination of warm spices and white floral notes which represents the duality of a women character. A floral wave of jasmine Sambac contrasted with the mysterious and deep notes of tonka bean, almonds & cocoa

Almond dacquoise sponge with grated tonka beans, almond praliné crunch, nyangbo dark chocolate cremeux with infused tonka beans, jasmine milk glaze.

Decoration: ivory rounded curved shapes, dark-blue/gold chocolate shoes.


A Pastry to reflect a long story tradition between France & Russia with a combination of traditional flavors like Strawberry, Rhubarb, Bourbon vanilla and cereals

Almond oat bran streusel with praliné oat bran crunch, kiwi comfit, pastry choux filled with strawberry pastry cream, vanilla chantilly, fresh strawberries.

Decoration: red chocolate circles, chocolate leaves


The intensity of the hazelnut heightened by the warmth of Dulcey blond chocolate with a bittersweet note of coffee and cinnamon

Crunchy whole hazelnut sponge, Dulcey cream and light Dulcey chocolate coffee mousse, Dulcey glaze.

Decoration: Dulcey starts with instant coffee, chocolate cinnamon stick.


Crunchy and tasty. Peanut, almond, passion apricot fruit, Caramella chocolate

Classic financier made with grilled peanuts, passion fruit comfit, Caramella peanut glazing and Caramella whipped chocolate ganache.

Decoration: passion fruit comfit, daisy.

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